Wedding Entrepreneurs Who Inspire

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January 7, 2015
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Wedding Entrepreneurs Who Inspire

December 10th, 2014 I was featured on the ISS Smart Blog as a featured wedding planner who inspire! It was such a humbling article and it made me realize how blessed I truly am! This is only the beginning 😉

{Wedding Entrepreneurs that Inspire}: Sabrina Seymore

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I am thrilled to introduce you to the fabulous Sabrina Seymore; ISSE Alumni and owner of Sabrina Seymore Events from Durham, North Carolina.

How did Sabrina get into this amazing industry, well she started off her educational resume at North Carolina Central University where she graduated with her Bachelor of Science in Recreation Management. After that, Sabrina continued on her education plan and attended Liberty University where she earned her Master of Arts in Marriage and Family Therapy.

While earning her professional credentials she spent much of her time planning events for friends and family members, which has blossomed into her career. She believes her education and background in social work prepared her to show compassion, solve problems, think ahead for her clients and how to manage “on call” shifts in a event of a crisis!

Formally known as Mane Event Wedding Event Planning, Sabrina Seymore Events opened in August of 2011 in her private home office. Shortly after, she moved into a 500 sq ft office in Downtown Durham and is now in a larger office space in Durham, NC. In 2013 Sabrina proudly earned her credentials as Certified Wedding and Event Planner from LWPI.  She strongly believes in education, so she then went on to also attended a IWED accredited event designer class in Las Vegas.

Sabrina has built an excellent reputation with her creative ideas, eye for design and impeccable attention to detail. Sabrina’s genuine commitment to making every wedding & event flawless is why she loves weddings & events! What attracted me to her immediately at ISSE Riviera Cancun, was her enthusiastic personality and her genuine compassion for people, the well-being of people, and seeing people happy!




ISS: Where do you draw your business inspiration from?  What about your creative inspiration?

Sabrina:  “I find inspiration in so many things! I visit these stores frequently to find inspiration: Home goods,  Z galleria, TJ maxx, and Pottery Barn Kids! I also subscribe to Vogue Magazine, The Knot, Munaluchi bridal, O Oprah Magazine, and People magazine. I have a obsession with stripes, and pattern walls as well so I look on line at Decorators Best and Target home section websites.”

ISS: What is your favorite business quote?

Sabrina:  “The best way to predict your future is to create it” -Peter Drucker

ISS:  What is your favorite business book?

Sabrina:  “7 habits of highly effective people by Stephen Covey”

ISS:  What is your best advice for those just starting out in the wedding industry?

Sabrina:  “The best advice I can give anyone starting in this business is to always go with your gut! We only know something will not work unless we try it. Pursue your business full time and work hard 8 hours plus a day 5-7 days per week and watch your company grow. Lastly, invest in yourself and your company by attending wedding related conferences.”

ISS:  How do you define success? 

Sabrina:  “I would have to define success by the effectiveness of my work. Success is when I can show that I making things happen. Whether they be coordinating a wedding, blogging a wedding, conducting consultations, engaging on social media and happy well doing them all, I am successful.”

ISS:  What made you get into the wedding industry?

Sabrina:  “While earning my professional credentials I spent much of my time planning events for friends and family members, which has blossomed as my career. I believe my education and background in social work has prepared me to show compassion, solve problems, think ahead or even for my clients and how to manage “on call” shifts in a event of a crisis!”

ISS:  Why do you love the wedding industry?

Sabrina:  “I love the wedding industry because it is never ending with ideas and traditions! I love the opportunities to network with like minded business owners with common goals around the globe. I also love to hear my clients rave about how great of an asset and worthy investment I was to one of their most important days of their lives!”

ISS:  What do you do when things are not going your way with the business?

Sabrina:  “I fix them! I first troubleshoot how I ended up in a “mess” and work my way through it by correcting the mistake. I also reach out to other wedding professionals I trust for advice.”

ISS:  What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

Sabrina:  “I spend time with my two boys, husband and family & friends. I love to go shopping for clothing, shoes, and home decor. I am a active member in my sorority, Delta Sigma Theta Sorority inc and my church, Grace Church of Durham.”

ISS:  If you weren’t running your current company what would you be doing?

Sabrina:  “A substance abuse counselor”

ISS:  What is one thing on your bucket list to do in this lifetime?

Sabrina: “Go sky diving!”

ISS:  What is your favorite city you have ever visited?

Sabrina:  “Las Vegas”

ISS:  What keeps you motivated daily?

Sabrina:  “Waking up to my husband and caring for my two boys.”

ISS:  What are you most proud of?

Sabrina:  “Creating two lives with my husband!”

ISS:  What is your biggest weakness?

Sabrina:  “People! I have a strong passion for seeing people happen, even if it totally inconveniences me!”

ISS:  What is the best advise you have ever been given?

Sabrina:  “Research your major in college before you declare it!”

ISS:  Name one travel destination you can’t wait to visit?

Sabrina:  “Italy!”

ISS:  What is at the top of your goals for 2015?

Sabrina:  “To take my business even higher! I want to double in the amount of quality and quantity of weddings and events I produce this year.”

Thank you Sabrina Seymore for being a Wedding Entrepreneur that Inspires!   If you would like to be considered for a blog feature or magazine feature please send your submission online here.


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